Overhead Cake Bins from Amber Waves Inc.

The secret behind our overhead cake bin is simple. We designed and built the bin we wanted for our own ranches. We wanted to be able to operate the slide gate with gloves on and load the cake feeder without getting a face full of dust. We also wanted to be able to see at a glance how much feed we had remaining in the bin. With our model 1415C, when the bottom view glass shows empty you’ve got room to take a semi-load and still have feed left for a couple of days. Even things like having enough clearance to drive through without having to fold in your pickup mirrors gets to be important when you do it every day. All this is why we know an Amber Waves Overhead Cake Bin will work for you!

Download our Overhead Cake Bins Flyer PDF Link

  • 9′ 4″ Above Ground Clearance (extra height available)
  • 10′ 5″ Inside Width Clearance
  • 50 Degree Bottom Cone Slope
  • Epoxy Coated Inside
  • Natural Draft Air Vent System
  • Poke Hole
  • Top Manhole
  • Top Lev-Alert, Bottom View Glass
  • Exterior Ladder
  • Remote Operated Locking Lid
  • Delivery and Onsite Set-up
  • Protect Polyurethane Paint System Exterior Coating


Details and Specifications – Overhead Cake Bins:

Model Bushels Cu. Ft. Tons of Cow Cake
1410C PDF 1,165 1,449 24-28 Request a Quote
1415C PDF 1,475 1,834 32-36 Request a Quote